What’s Up with This Picture?

It takes a pretty rare picture to be worth a whole blog. And maybe this picture isn’t really worth the entire blog. But maybe it is. We found this bizarre picture of an echocardiogram in progress, on WebMD to share with you. 

A Picture is Worth 300 Words
Who knew an Echocardiogram could be this sexy?

This picture is really strange. What’s the context? We found it on WebMD as part of a listicle slideshow about heart health. Pretty boring stuff, honestly, and then we clicked and— wow! Almost not safe work. Both patient and doctor are so serious looking, but that patient’s mustache telegraphs he’s ready to party once he gets up and out of that Gendron Bariatric Acute Care Bed. The red lighting gives the scene the flair of the old Storyville section of New Orleans. I can almost hear the clarinets.

Another weird thing about the picture is that the patient on first glance appears to be holding the medical stethoscope to his own chest. On closer inspection, I think it is the doctor’s hand, actually— but she has really big hands.

Finally, what’s most off-putting about the picture is the patient’s position. He’s reclining like a Roman aristocrat at a feast in an Italian gladiator movie. Yes, you have to lay sideways when you get an Echocardiogram, but do you have to do it like a satyr waiting for grapes to drop from the sky?

All joking aside, while we don’t carry echocardiogram technology at QuickMedical, we do have a a groundbreaking portable EKG monitor as well as professional supplies and equipment needed for EKG assessment. Electrocardiogram technology is essential for diagnosing and evaluating heart rhythm.

Cardiovascular health is extremely important. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the USA. If you need an electrocardiogram it’s probably not a laughing matter. But, someone did say laughter was the best medicine, so check your blood pressureregularly, watch your diet, get regular exercise, and don’t take things too seriously.

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Welch-Allyn Vs. Riester

Although Welch Allyn is the well-known brand name in wall-mounted diagnostics, the Riester Ri-Former Diagnostic Station, surpasses their wall transformer set on several different fronts.

Both Riester and Welch-Allyn manufacture durable products, but Riester offers a two-year warranty, instead of the Welch-Allyn one year. The Riester Ophthalmoscope has almost double the amount of corrective lenses and more apertures and filters. The Riester Ri-Former Diagnostic Station also offers one environmentally friendly, centralized electrical power source for convenience, eliminating the need for conventional or rechargeable batteries. This way the doctor can simply enter an exam room without having to worry about carrying an otoscope or ophthalmoscope with and never has to worry about the batteries going dead. The Riester station is extendable as well, to both the left or the right of the main station, while Welch-Allyn’s station can only extend right. While the Welch-Allyn can be extended with only 3 modules, the Riester ri-Former is extendable to 5 (see below).

To see the diagnostic station in action, click ahead!

Welch-Allyn / Riester Ri-Former Diagnostic Station Comparison


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