Where Can I Buy Tongue Depressors?

A simple question, but not necessarily a simple answer from a truth-seeker on Facebook.

Q. Where can I buy tongue depressors?

We’re not medical professionals, so we can’t give you medical advice, but when it comes to tongue depressors, we know a few things. You might call them tongue blades, popsicle sticks, or something else, but wooden tongue depressors are a medical supply that QuickMedical offers at some of the best prices online. Click ahead to read about where to buyaffordable tongue depressors.

Tongue depressors are disposable medical supplies used in medical exams by physicians and nurses to push down the tongue to allow for a mouth and throat exam. The most common modern tongue depressors have a thin wooden blade smoothed and rounded at both ends. They are made from a variety of materials. They are inexpensive and difficult to clean, therefore they are mainly used for only a single use. Sometimes tongue depressors are called “craft sticks” or “Meyerhoffer sticks” and are used in art and crafts projects.

Tongue depressors for medical use come in pediatric and adult sizes and are also sold by the box or case. Tongue depressors in bulk packaging are useful for spa and industrial applications. QuickMedical is your online source for tongue depressors of different sizes and sale quantity options. QuickMedical also offers deep discounts on all disposable medical supplies from suppliers such as Dynarex andPuritan .

You can buy tongue depressors almost anywhere, but when buying online, it’s important to be able to actually speak to someone to ensure the quality of your product. At QuickMedical, you can do that. When buying a medical supply it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying. At QuickMedical, you can request samples or speak with a knowledgeable product specialist before you make a purchase. QuickMedical is the obvious choice for tongue depressors online, and your online source for medical equipment and supplies.

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Sterile Lubricating Jelly | PDI Exam Gel

Sterile exam gel comes in 2.7 and 5.0 gram packets of lubricant jelly. Sterile gel is a perfect lube for routine medical procedures such as catheter insertions and specula insertions. PDI sterile exam gel and most PDI medical supplies are sold by the box or case.

Flavored Swab Sticks | Lemon Glycerin Swabs | PDI

The PDI Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks are pre-moistened swabsticks with gentle lemon-flavored glycerin. The Oral Swabs are suitable for post operative care or for patients on fluid restriction. The Hygea Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks are available in individual packets of 3 by the box or by the case. The Hygea Swabsticks are proudly made in the USA.

Could Environmental Sampling Have Prevented the Irish Potato Famine?

Phytophthora infestans. Even the name sounds sinister. It’s the fungus-like microorganism responsible for one of the worst famines ever to strike Europe: the Irish Potato Famine. Better known as potato blight or late blight, Phytophthora infestans is the bug responsible for claiming the lives of nearly 1 million Irish people and forever changing the political landscape of the region.

But, what if way back in 1845 we could have tested for infected crops using common environmental sampling methods? What if we’d had the same agricultural and food safety policies in place then as we do today? Could the impact of the Potato Blight have been contained?

Why Was Ireland So Affected by the Potato Blight?

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Environmental Sampling Potato Blight

The belief in vampires has spawned “lifestyle vampires” who are not actual vampires, but vampire enthusiasts who engage in some fairly interesting and somewhat shocking activities. Many “lifestyle vampires” are simply people who gather together with a similar interest in “goth” culture, horror fiction, and unique philosophical systems. “Lifestyle vampires” are often exploring alternative sexual activities through their lifestyle. There are numerous scientific sexual studies of patients with sexual attraction to blood— including others and even their own. Some “lifestyle vampires” are focused only on energy or psychic vampirism, which deals only with feeding from auras, pranic energy, or other types of psychic energy. But there are actually a few people called “Sanguinarians” who drink blood.


Sanguinarians think of themselves as “real vampires” and usually have a collective community. The internet has made connecting with these communities much easier. Sanguinarians believe they have a physical and/or spiritual need to drink human blood to maintain their mental and physical health. Sanguinarians are not murdering others to drink their blood— at least as far as we know. Instead, this small group of “lifestyle vampires” practices blood letting and blood drinking among consensual adults. It’s obviously not for everyone, but Sanguinarians have come to QuickMedical to make sure their bloody activities are safe.


An interesting discussion atSanguinarius.Org which is a large site/discussion board for “lifestyle vampires” and their friends and supporters featured a now discontinued number of lancets and lancing devices available at QuickMedical for safe blood letting. A user known as “Sanguinarius” has detailed several tips for safely and sanely obtaining blood on the site and other users have used QuickMedical products for consensual blood letting activities.


At QuickMedical we have medical equipment and supplies for phlebotomists and medical equipment and supplies for vampires! Either way, you’ll get the best customer service and a great price. QuickMedical urges our readers— whether you are trick-or-treating tonight, going to a party, watching a scary movie, or drinking a friend’s blood— do it safely. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


Nitrile Gloves

The issue which stems from the use of latex gloves is their snug fit: because the gloves fit so closely to the wearer’s hands, and because the rubber is thinner, fingerprints can be transferred to surfaces almost as though no barrier existed. Additionally, because latex gloves are non porous, fingerprints can even be left on the interior of the gloves. As a result of manufacturing, nitrile gloves are pourous, too thick to leave prints, and fit a bit more loosely.