Mono Rapid Tests

Infectious mononucleosis (referred to as “the kissing disease” from its oral transmission) is an infectious, widespread viral disease caused by the Epstein Barr virus, a type of herpes virus, which over 90% of adults are likely to have acquired immunity by the age of 40. In adolescents and young adults, the disease is characterized by fever, sore throat and fatigue, along with several other possible signs and symptoms. It is primarily diagnosed by observation of symptoms, but suspicion can be confirmed by rapid diagnostic mono tests. Mononucleosis is a self-limiting disease and little treatment is normally required, despite the sometimes painful and severe symptoms.

One of the more interesting features of mononucleosis is that once the acute symptoms of an initial infection disappear, they often do not return. But once infected, the patient carries the virus for the rest of their life. The virus lives dormant in B lymphocytes. Independent infections of mononucleosis may be contracted multiple times, regardless of whether the patient is already carrying the virus dormant. Periodically, the virus can reactivate, during which time the patient is again infectious, but usually without any symptoms of illness. Therefore an infected person could spread the disease, unknowingly through kissing or some other oral transmission. But usually, a patient has few, if any, further symptoms or problems from the latent B lymphocyte infection.

Patients who have had mononucleosis are sometimes vunerable to chronic fatigue syndrome. In 1987 scientists used the term chronic fatigue syndrome to describe a condition resembling “chronic active Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection” but which presented no evidence of EBV as its cause. It’s important to immediately test patients for the virus that causes mononucleosis to rule out other possibilities, including depression, IBS, fibromyalgia, and even diabetes, when they present symptoms that are not easily identifiable. One of the easiest ways to test for mononucleosis is with an in office mononucleosis test .

New at QuickMedical: The Wolf X-Ray 61100 Apron Caddy

Wolf X-Ray 61100 Apron Caddy

The Wolf X-Ray 61100 Apron Caddy protects and safely transports x-ray aprons without damaging the apron’s internal x-ray protective lining, increasing its usable life. The Apron Caddy fits one rolled up adult x-ray apron and features a carry handle, shoulder strap, and convenient outer pocket. 

The Taylor 1350J Mechanical Bathroom Scale, with all chrome platform and easy-to-clean premium mixed rib mat, features a capacity of 300 lbs, heavy-gauge steel construction, and a large, easy-to-read 7 inch speedometer-style dial. Other features include personal color-coded WeighTracker indicators.

The Taylor 1350J Mechanical Bathroom Scale, with all chrome platform and easy-to-clean premium mixed rib mat, features a capacity of 300 lbs, heavy-gauge steel construction, and a large, easy-to-read 7 inch speedometer-style dial. Other features include personal color-coded WeighTracker indicators.

How Do I Get an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading?

Dear QuickMedical:

My doctor advised me to begin checking my blood pressure at home, so I needed to buy a blood pressure monitor, which I did from QuickMedical.

I’m wondering about the accuracy of my blood pressure measurement with the blood pressure monitor I purchased. How can I tell if my blood pressure monitor is accurate? Should I take it to my doctor to confirm the accuracy of the blood pressure monitor?

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Where Can I Buy Tongue Depressors?

A simple question, but not necessarily a simple answer from a truth-seeker on Facebook.

Q. Where can I buy tongue depressors?

We’re not medical professionals, so we can’t give you medical advice, but when it comes to tongue depressors, we know a few things. You might call them tongue blades, popsicle sticks, or something else, but wooden tongue depressors are a medical supply that QuickMedical offers at some of the best prices online. Click ahead to read about where to buyaffordable tongue depressors.

Tongue depressors are disposable medical supplies used in medical exams by physicians and nurses to push down the tongue to allow for a mouth and throat exam. The most common modern tongue depressors have a thin wooden blade smoothed and rounded at both ends. They are made from a variety of materials. They are inexpensive and difficult to clean, therefore they are mainly used for only a single use. Sometimes tongue depressors are called “craft sticks” or “Meyerhoffer sticks” and are used in art and crafts projects.

Tongue depressors for medical use come in pediatric and adult sizes and are also sold by the box or case. Tongue depressors in bulk packaging are useful for spa and industrial applications. QuickMedical is your online source for tongue depressors of different sizes and sale quantity options. QuickMedical also offers deep discounts on all disposable medical supplies from suppliers such as Dynarex andPuritan .

You can buy tongue depressors almost anywhere, but when buying online, it’s important to be able to actually speak to someone to ensure the quality of your product. At QuickMedical, you can do that. When buying a medical supply it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying. At QuickMedical, you can request samples or speak with a knowledgeable product specialist before you make a purchase. QuickMedical is the obvious choice for tongue depressors online, and your online source for medical equipment and supplies.

MERS isn’t MRSA: QM has Anti-Microbial Exam Table Paper

InhibX anti-microbial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Graham InhibX Exam Table Paper is treated with InhibX anti-microbial technology, an EPA registered and proven technology effective against mold, mildew, fungi and odor causing bacteria. If your health facility uses exam table paper, it’s important to fight infections, especially staph infections, which are spread easily by skin to table paper contact.

Graham InhibX Table Paper Rolls are embossed white with the InhibX logo print, letting your patients and fellow health professionals know they are protected. Graham has this important video about hospital acquired infections, education, prevention, and treatment, and their InhibX Anti-Microbial technology. Take a look—

What do you think? What is your facility using currently to inhibit the spread of infection? ContactQuickMedical, maybe we can help reduce your rates of infection with Graham products.