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The American Public Health Association champions the health of all people and communities and during the first full week of April each year, APHA brings together communities across the United States to observe National Public Health Week. National Public Health Week is a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation. This year’s event focuses on the following daily themes, which should be familiar to any reader of the QuickMedical blog:

National Public Health Week 2014

Be healthy from the start. From OB/Gyn health and school nutrition to emergency preparedness, public health starts at home.

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Welch-Allyn Vs. Riester

Although Welch Allyn is the well-known brand name in wall-mounted diagnostics, the Riester Ri-Former Diagnostic Station, surpasses their wall transformer set on several different fronts.

Both Riester and Welch-Allyn manufacture durable products, but Riester offers a two-year warranty, instead of the Welch-Allyn one year. The Riester Ophthalmoscope has almost double the amount of corrective lenses and more apertures and filters. The Riester Ri-Former Diagnostic Station also offers one environmentally friendly, centralized electrical power source for convenience, eliminating the need for conventional or rechargeable batteries. This way the doctor can simply enter an exam room without having to worry about carrying an otoscope or ophthalmoscope with and never has to worry about the batteries going dead. The Riester station is extendable as well, to both the left or the right of the main station, while Welch-Allyn’s station can only extend right. While the Welch-Allyn can be extended with only 3 modules, the Riester ri-Former is extendable to 5 (see below).

To see the diagnostic station in action, click ahead!

Welch-Allyn / Riester Ri-Former Diagnostic Station Comparison


Could Environmental Sampling Have Prevented the Irish Potato Famine?

Phytophthora infestans. Even the name sounds sinister. It’s the fungus-like microorganism responsible for one of the worst famines ever to strike Europe: the Irish Potato Famine. Better known as potato blight or late blight, Phytophthora infestans is the bug responsible for claiming the lives of nearly 1 million Irish people and forever changing the political landscape of the region.

But, what if way back in 1845 we could have tested for infected crops using common environmental sampling methods? What if we’d had the same agricultural and food safety policies in place then as we do today? Could the impact of the Potato Blight have been contained?

Why Was Ireland So Affected by the Potato Blight?

Read it all here.

Environmental Sampling Potato Blight

Purchasing a Medical Refrigerator

Due to refrigeration challenges, purchasing the right medical refrigerator is a crucial matter. Medical grade refrigerators secure temperature stability, allow for convenience, accommodate traceable temperature monitoring systems and have the ability to drop in temperature much more rapidly than non-medical grade units. Due to the exceptional effectiveness of compressors in medical grade refrigerators, they achieve their goal temperature quicker and are capable of sustaining it better.

When it comes to medical refrigerators and freezers, the objective is to obtain units that operate dependably and consistently, without causing any trouble for the staff. If refrigeration systems exceed or fall below a specific temperature range, safety, product loss and resources are all jeopardized.

While a medical refrigerator may call for a higher investment than a non-medical unit, the long term benefits will more than make up for that initial payment. The expenses accrued from damaged or unsafe product due to failed temperature maintenance can be considerable.

Purchasing the right medical refrigerator for your facility inspires certainty that products are being accurately cared for. Because certain products are extremely sensitive to temperature, a quality medical refrigerator is an essential part of providing safe health care.

The Oldest Man to Swim the English Channel

136 years after Matthew Webb became the first person to swim the English Channel, Roger Allsopp from Great Britain became the oldest person to complete the 21-nautical mile swim. Allsopp is a few months over 70.

"I do feel an immense sense of achievement and relief that I have been successful." Allsopp told the BBC.

Read more here.Seniors are Doin' it for Themselves

Getting sneezed on during flu season




My face when my roommate woke up this morning with the plague and called in to work. MY EXAM IS TOMORROW, UNIVERSE. Y U DO THIS TO ME.

Does hand sanitizer improve productivity? Yes!


Covidien Thermometry At QuickMedical

Digital Tympanic Thermometer | Thermometer | Covidien Genius 2A hospital or clinic might take thousands of temperatures throughout the day. In facilities that serve big cities that number is probably much larger. Temperature is an important indicator of a patient’s condition. Covidien offers thermometry products, new to QuickMedical, for your clinic’s important temperature taking needs. Use the fast, accurate readings of the Covidien 3000EZ, which is available as an oral/axillary or rectal thermometer. The thermometer provides readings in 3 to 5 seconds on quick mode, 6 to 10 seconds on standard mode and 60 to 120 seconds on direct mode. This professional thermometer is dependable and latex free.

Covidien also offers the 303000 Genius(TM) 2 tympanic thermometer at QuickMedical. This thermometer is ideal for monitoring patient temperatures in medical settings. The Genius 2 uses Peak Select Technology to accurately measure temperatures from the Tympanic Membrane and record and analyze up to 100 measurements per scan. The tapered probe and tip based sensor technology of the Tympanic Thermometer improves accuracy and minimizes the need for recalibration while comfortably aligning with the ear canal. No touch probe covers prevent contamination and the spread of infection. The Genius II Thermometer can be hung on a wall or rested on a table for use.

These new products are currently available at QuickMedical and proudly made in the USA. Call us today and we’ll help you get the thermometry products you need.

The Most Shocking Moment in Pro Football

The Most Shocking Moment in Pro FootballIn 1905 there were 19 fatalities from college and semi-professional football games nationwide. President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to shut down the game if drastic changes were not made. In December of that same year, 62 schools met in New York City to discuss rule changes to make football safer. With that meeting the NCAA was born and the foundation for the modern game of American football was laid. However, football remained a dangerous sport and continues to be, even today. Injuries happen all the time. One of the most shocking injuries in football history happened in 1985 on a Monday Night Football game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. In the 2nd quarter, Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann handed the ball off and dropped back, then in a trick play, he received the ball back in a lateral behind the line of scrimmage. He had the ball with the intention to pass, but was caught in a web of Giant’s linebackers, when Lawrence Taylor made a quick move and sacked Theismann.

Sportswriters have since named the injury the most shocking moment in pro football history…

Read the full story

QM Elite Bouffant Caps Define Bouffant

Wiktionary defines bouffant caps as: 1. A loose cap, so called because of its puffy shape, typically secured around the head with an elastic band, and frequently used in cleanrooms, food service, and other settings to contain loose hair.

Disposable bouffant caps are not just for medical professionals. Disposable bouffant caps are the perfect, cost-effective solution for busy healthcare providers. But these caps can also be used by physical therapists, trainers, aestheticians, and factory workers needing easy-to-use garments for their patients, clients, and themselves.

QM Elite bouffant caps are quickly becoming an online favorite. One of our website images has been used as the image which defines bouffant caps at Wiktionary.com. QM Elite bouffant caps aren’t just another medical disposable. How did QM Elite disposable bouffant caps come to define bouffant caps online in such a short time? Click ahead to find out.

Disposable Bouffant Caps: New from QM Elite

QM Elite bouffants were featured in OR Today Magazine . But that’s just the start. QuickMedical’s QM Elite Brand Disposable Bouffant Caps are made of high quality latex-free spun bond polypropylene. The caps feature a 7-inch resilient headband which accommodates various head sizes. The comfortable, soft, one-size-fits-all caps come in cases of 1000 disposable caps. These caps are trusted by doctors and patients alike. The reason is the clarity of information about the caps on the QuickMedical website. Unlike other bouffant caps you might find online, QM Elite disposbale bouffant caps are fully described, including high quality images and technical specifications, describing the caps completely. Because of the accuracy of the information about our disposable bouffant caps on the site, you can be assured not only that you’re getting a high quality medical disposable, but that you’re also getting the industry standard in disposable bouffant caps from QuickMedical. In fact, if the website description isn’t enough, we can send you samples of the bouffant cap to make sure it fits your needs.